A {birth}day adventure in Amalfi, Italy

Calvin Hanson

Calvin Hanson

Curves and curveballs are just a part of travel and you just have to make the best of them!

Getting to Positano Amalfi, Italy with a carsick child!

We decided to rent a car for my birthday since it was beautiful weather and check out the Amalfi Coast. If you go to any travel Italy instagram/tiktok, you’ll see this coast featured. It is very photogenic. Usually people take a ferry from Salerno, but since it is the off season the only option is car or bus. The car was only $38 for 2 days! (This is why I love to travel in the off season!)

We are very glad we took a car instead of a bus, because Kairo started getting car sick 10 minutes into the trip! We were stopping every 5 minutes for the guy. If you look at the road on the coast, you’ll see why! It is narrow winding roads up and down the coast. We were planning on going to Positano, but ended up shortening our journey to the town of Amalfi. Not a bad second option!

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Driving the curves—not for the faint of heart!

I love driving in other countries. It is a bit of a rush! Italy tests me because you have barely enough room for 2 cars on these narrow roads and then you meet an overconfident bus on occasion and wonder if you’ll lose a mirror. The car and us made it to Amalfi and back in one piece 🙂

When we arrived and found parking (a miracle in these towns) we hit a first important stop, a playground. This one was awesome because it had the sea 10 feet away! We were all feeling hungry (even Kairo after his bout with car sickness) so we headed into town and grabbed some home made Italian sandwiches and pasta from La Rua Pizze e Delizie (EPIC Cheap Italian!) and headed to the beach to enjoy my birthday lunch with a view.

A moment we won’t forget

Really these moments are so special to us as a family. The sea is our family favorite place. Combine that with a beautiful Italian village and some amazing fresh Italian food and well this becomes a perfect birthday moment for me.

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We ended our time with some excellent local gelato at Gelateria Mago del Gelo on the steps of Duomo di Sant’Andrea (Amalfi Cathedral) which is unique with a mix of architectural styles including: Arab-Norman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque. Before I looked it up, I thought there might be some Arabic influence, because it reminded me of some of Spain’s Arabic architecture and sure enough I was right!

We thought about stopping on the way home from our adventure for the sunset by a playground we saw, but the parking god’s didn’t favor us and we realized how tired we were from an epic but full day out!

Thanks for reading, Have you ever been to the Amalfi Coast? What was your experiences?


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