Hiking to Monte San Liberatore – Salerno, Italy

Calvin Hanson

Calvin Hanson

My son (9 year old) and I had the pleasure of hiking to this peak with a cross on it. At night you’ll see a lit up cross on the hill outside of Salerno. You can actually hike to it from Salerno!

Vietre Sul Mare Route

After reading forums and looking at hiking apps, we decided to catch the train to Vietre Sul Mare because I thought the trail on this side of the mountain was quicker. It was quicker, but not necessarily an easy-to-follow or easy-to-find trail! I’ll detail the instructions as best I can for arriving via Vietre Sul Mare.

Once you arrive in Vietre Sul Mare, you head toward the town but then turn right and start going out of the town (away from the coast). I read about a soccer field where we would find the trail in other forums, but I never saw it.

I accidentally found the trail on the side of a mechanic shop outside of Vietre Sul Mare! If you go this way, navigate to Meccatronica (the mechanic shop) and turn right just before a bridge. Then make your way up the hill following the main path. You’ll pass under the highway bridge and climb pretty steeply til you reach a bigger trail. When you get to this bigger trail you’ll go to the left (continuing up the hill) toward the “Saddle” between the mountains.

The Village before the final ascent to Monte San Liberatore
The Village before the final ascent to Monte San Liberatore

The Saddle is actually a little village where you’ll probably see cows and a rustic soccer field and playground. This is where there is a Climbing club as well. At the town you head toward the right to ascend Monte San Liberatore. The path from here is nice and partially concrete in some spots. They at one point had stations of the cross as you move up the mountain. You’ll also see a shire to Maria on the way.

Stone Cross before the big cross at the summit
The Stone Cross before the big cross at the summit

There is a lower cross of stone that is beautifully set with views of Salerno. From here it is a short hike up through a rocky pathway to the peak and giant cross. The views are spectacular!

Salerno Route

From Salerno, it is a gradual incline through the hills on a road/path called Via della Valle. You’ll pass some ancient ruins and some bunkers. The final section starts at the little village on the hill and continues like the other route to get to the cross.


If I did it again I would start in Salerno and hike along Via della Valle, it is a nicer more gradual pathway and offers great scenic vistas.  I would recommend this for 8 year olds and older since it is a longer hike. Make sure to pack water and snacks to enjoy along the way and at the top!

Let us know if you end up hiking to Monte San Liberatore and how the hike was for you!


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